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Howard Lovecraft

The Shadow Over Innsmouth

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Har du redan läst den? Vad tycker du om den?


  • Anton Kurbatovdelade ett intryckför 7 år sedan


  • Marhar citeratför 2 år sedan
    the ultimate quintessence of unknown and inhuman evil
  • al mhar citeratför 3 år sedan
    I had been assured that the old man could do nothing but hint at wild, disjointed, and incredible legends, and I had been warned that the natives made it unsafe to be seen talking with him; yet the thought of this aged witness to the town's decay, with memories going back to the early days of ships and factories, was a lure that no amount of reason could make me resist.
  • Jahandar Joey Wolfhar citeratför 3 år sedan
    The mere telling helps me to restore confidence in my own faculties; to reassure myself that I was not the first to succumb to a contagious nightmare hallucination. It helps me, too, in making up my mind regarding a certain terrible step which lies ahead of me.

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