Charles Spencer

Prince Rupert

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{"strong"=>["A brilliant history of Prince Rupert of the Rhine from his penniless start, becoming a soldier in his teenage years, up to his life as King Charles I’s most famous and spectacular general."]}
Born in Prague in 1619, Prince Rupert was set for a life of enormous privilege but when his father, Frederick V, lost his crown Rupert’s family were left with just eight years to flee Prague — they hastened to safety, but left the infant Rupert behind. He was discovered in a final sweep of the deserted palace.
This is the adventurous story of Rupert, from his decision at the age of twelve to become a soldier, through the Thirty Years War and his entry into England, where he became an infamous presence on the battlefield, a classically handsome, swaggering, expert cavalier, and a fierce Royalist who would defend King Charles I to the death throughout the Civil War.
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