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Amanda J. Field

How to Choose, Brief and Work with Graphic Designers

A company’s visual identity – as it appears in everything from business stationery and brochures, to product packaging and websites – is central to a company’s impact on the market. It’s the first impression a prospective customer gets: but for many businesses, design is seen as a ‘necessary evil’, best avoided, but if that’s not possible, then best done cheaply. This down-to-earth, succinct handbook will show you why you should choose your designer as carefully as you would choose a new, senior member of staff; why good design need not cost any more than bad design; what the difference is between a ‘brief’ and a ‘briefing’; how to stop design budgets spiralling out of control; how to conduct tenders; how to get the best from your designers; how to handle approvals; and how to judge design concepts. It is packed with practical advice and guidance that is just as applicable to a new-business start-up as it is to a multinational organisation.
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