Larry Ellison

Business Marketing Network

This book, Business Marketing Network: A Beginner's Guide to Becoming a Pro in Network Marketing, is written for the person that wants to detailed information to make the decision of whether or not to engage in Multi-Level Marketing.

The book details the pros and cons of Network Marketing, from the inception of the business opportunity to the pitfalls of those first entering the field of network marketing.
In this book we teach you:
•How to Make a Start-Up Multi-Level Marketing Business
•How to differentiate between a Pyramid Scheme and a Pyramid Marketing Plan
•Myths and Legends of Network Marketing, what is the real truth?
•How to generate recruiting leads
•How to generate sales
•How to determine a Scam from a real marketing opportunity
•The four basic marketing compensation plans (with examples)
•How to choose your Multi-Level Marketing company and your product
•Mistakes made by new network marketers to avoid
•How to use Social Media to enhance prospect recruiting and sales
Although this does not contain every possible piece of information on Network Marketing, it will inform you to help you make the decision as to joining a Multi-Level Marketing business.
This book will teach you advanced sales techniques and recruiting tips. 
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