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Organic gardening can be an intimidating prospect: What kind of seeds to I need? Where and when do I plant them? How do I keep them free of pests without resorting to harmful chemicals?

Worry not! Simon Hamilton makes organic gardening fun and easy in his incredible guidebook, Gardening: A Beginner’s Guide to Organic Vegetable Gardening. Follow the simple steps in this straight-to-the-point book and you’ll be munching on delicious, homegrown vegetables before you know it!

Sunshine, exercise, and healthy, organic produce. What’s not to like?

Break your family’s shopping and eating habits out of the unsustainable, damaging agribusiness system today…with this book, organic gardening is for everyone! You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment or training to start your own organic garden right now; with the proven, hard-earned wisdom in Simon Hamilton’s Gardening, you’ll have everything you need to plant and maintain a thriving organic garden.

All you need is patience, hard work, simple tools and seeds, and of course, this book as your guide to fresh, beautiful organic produce!

All the information you need to plant and maintain a thriving organic garden.

From planning to planting to harvest, Gardening takes you through everything you need to know about keeping an organic garden. Click “Buy Now” and in no time you’ll be all ready to…

Identify what plants grow best in your local climate and ecosystem

Find the perfect spot and time for planting

Choose the ideal seeds for your setup and personal tastes

Get your hands on the perfect tools for the job without breaking the bank

Plant, water, weed, and harvest your produce in accordance with commonsense, research-backed organic gardening methods

Get your feet wet in some advanced gardening concepts like Companion Gardening and crop rotation—take your garden to the next level!

Tips and tricks from an experienced organic gardener

Best of all, Simon Hamilton includes his companion volume Growing Vegetables in Containers: All You Need to Know About Growing Food at Home as a free gift. Kickstart a growing revolution in your home and neighborhood using the advice in this bonus guidebook!

Learn how to make organic gardening work for you without spending a fortune or all your free time. Buy this book and start using proven gardening methods that make the most of the benefits of your setting while respecting the local ecosystem.
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