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Colin Stuart

The Universe in Bite-sized Chunks

Since the earliest humans walked the earth, the vast mysteries and wonders of the night sky have fascinated and beguiled us, as we’ve struggled to understand our place in the cosmos.

Even after the last century, which saw important and startling discoveries about our own planet, our solar system and the stars and galaxies beyond, there remain more questions than answers. But those questions – What is dark matter? Are we alone in the universe? Is time travel possible? – provide a fascinating insight into the vastness and infinite possibilities of space that we’re yet to determine.

The sheer scale of the universe can be intimidating, but in this easily digestible book we embark on an incredible journey through all the essential astronomical discoveries, from the beliefs of ancient civilizations, through to the recent groundbreaking observations of the gravitational waves predicted by Einstein over 100 years ago. There’s never been a better time to get to grips with the universe and this essential guide to the cosmos is the perfect place to start!
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    Each civilization had its own constellations, from the Australian Aborigines and the Chinese, to the Alaskan Inuit and the Incas. But the eruption of the scientific revolution in Europe led to the adoption of the Greco-Roman constellations as the official global standard. They have changed and been chiselled many times over the centuries, but in 1922 the International Astronomical Union (IAU) officially fixed them in perpetuity.

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