Volodymyr Vakulenko-K.

Heart Attack for Gourmets: Wariat's Diary (Diary of a Cranky Man)

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Wariat’s Diary (Diary of a Cranky Man). Novel in 13 chapters with consequences of documentation and with elements of absurdism, adventurism, and light fantasy!)

The novel was awarded – International Literary Prize. Olesya Ulyanenko in 2012!

The book HEART ATTACK FOR GOURMETS by Volodymyr Vakulenko-K. Consists of 13 monologs written from the perspective of different characters that often are not named, but defined in the heading of each chapter (a baby, father, an actor…). Regarding a plot, only several monologs intersect (e.g., ‘The Heart of a Kidnapped Son’ and ‘The Heart of a Disappointed Literary Man’), while the most of them barely resonate between themselves in mood and subject, sometimes they are contrasting.

It is a known fact that each writer, first and foremost, writes about himself, if not about his biographical facts, he touches upon the issues that are meaningful to him, the situations that filled his brain for some reason and images that appeared in his subconsciousness. A part of monologs by Volodymyr Vakulenko-K. (VKV) Has an autobiographic nature but there are still plenty of those not related to author’s biography. The latter contains monologs dedicated to events of 1933 in the author’s native village and a story of a woman librarian who became a maniac and later, a victim, a young monk’s story about his relations with Satanists, an elf’s story about a prolonged bloodless war… VKV tries to talk not only about himself, and he tries to write in different genres: documentation and fantasy, thriller and nonsense fiction (Maybe due to this mixture of styles the work is called an ‘experimental novel.')

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