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Stoicism may be an ancient philosophy, but it is one that has even more relevance to our daily lives now that we are in the modern world. Too often we find that we aren’t able to control our lives, control the events that go on, or even control the people and how they act. But with Stoicism, we learn that we can control some things, such as our emotions and our reactions, and this can help to lead us to happiness.

In this guidebook we are going to learn the basics of using Stoicism in your daily life and how this ancient philosophy is going to work to make you feel happier. Some of the things that we will talk about include:

What is StoicismRecognizing the things that are under your controlHow to conform to your own realityUnderstanding how your emotions workThe importance of freedom of will.Learning how to be calm when there is adversity aroundLearning how to make the best of all situationsHow to use stoicism in order to make your life betterHow to use the process of neuroplasticity to change around your mind and how you react to things.How to use affirmations to help with stoicismSimple ideas to implement some of the stoic philosophy into your daily life.

When you are ready to find the true happiness that belongs to you and bring some of the Stoic ideas into your life, make sure to read through this guidebook and learn just how great it can be to live the Stoic way of life.
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Ryan James

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    Worth reading it

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    👍Värt att läsa

    Very brief introduction to stoicism! Worth the read for those unaware of the philosophy of it.

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    learn how to control your emotions and find happiness from within.
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    sustain you in misfortune.”
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    be strong and not worry when things are beyond our control.

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