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Philip Wylie

Business of Writing

If you apply the guidelines contained in this e-book without taking any shortcuts, you will get your non-fiction book published. Note: this guarantee applies only to non-fiction guidebooks except personal memoirs of people who do not enjoy celebrity status (that’s most of us!). Also, every individual who purchases this e-book can take advantage of Philip Wylie’s manuscript evaluation service.
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  • Menna Abu Zahrahar citeratför 2 år sedan
    Ownership of this book entitles you to the author’s free manuscript evaluation service and guaranteed publication as long as the step-by-step guidelines contained in this book are followed properly.
  • Menna Abu Zahrahar citeratför 2 år sedan
    There are certain places in the world where you can publish a quality book at a fraction of the cost of that achievable in your home country. This guidebook contains a list of essential contacts and free publishing resources for non-fiction.
  • Menna Abu Zahrahar citeratför 2 år sedan
    The book cover combined with your marketing strategy sells more books than the pages in between the covers. This book will enable you to create a ‘killer’ book cover that nobody can resist!
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