Jacky Tai

Get a Name!. 10 Rules to Create A Great Brand Name

So many companies and brands out there in the market, it will be impossible to stand out without a great name. Just imagine, there are already more than 150,000 companies operating in a small country like Singapore. How will your brand stand out if it doesn't have a great name? Finding a great name is also no longer easy because of the proliferation of companies and brands in our society. Chances are, the name you think of has already been registered and trademarked by someone else. So, what do you do?
The 10 Rules Of Naming will show you how to create a powerful brand name in a simple, straightforward and jargon-free manner. Besides explaining the 10 rules of naming in detail, the book also covers the pitfalls of naming to avoid, binding everything together through vivid examples of how companies with great names went about creating those names.
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  • Menna Abu Zahrahar citeratför 3 år sedan
    People are attracted not to big companies but to strong brands. The size of the company does not automatically mean it hires people more easily. The strength of the brand is what matters.
  • Menna Abu Zahrahar citeratför 3 år sedan
    He and his team came to the conclusion that the brand played a big part.
  • Menna Abu Zahrahar citeratför 3 år sedan
    Intel is a strong brand and computer makers want to be associated with it. They want people to see the “Intel Inside” logo on their computers.
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