Mike Smallcombe

Making Michael

MAKING MICHAEL delves deep inside the career of one of the most

successful, enigmatic and controversial entertainers of all time:

Michael Jackson.

Side-stepping sensationalism, journalist Mike Smallcombe enters unchartered

territory as he takes you behind the scenes to reveal the real Jackson, a man

few people ever got to know.

Interviewing over sixty of Jackson's associates including managers, lawyers,

music executives, producers, musicians and engineers — many of whom are
speaking about their experiences publicly for the first time — he provides

exclusive access to one of the biggest-selling recording artists in history.

Featuring a foreword by Matt Forger, one of Jackson's longest serving and most loyal collaborators, MAKING MICHAEL takes readers into the
studio with the King of Pop, charting the creation of record-breaking albums

including Thriller, Bad, Dangerous and HIStory and the twists and turns

that occurred along the way. Untold stories, revelations and secrets finally

see the light of day as Jackson's career outside the studio is also examined.

Smallcombe remains objective and doesn't shy away from exploring

Jackson's ruthless traits, his addictions, his fall outs, the relentless pursuit of perfectionism, the financial chaos and those shocking final weeks.

MIKE SMALLCOMBE is a British journalist living and working in the UK.


Twitter: @mikesmallcombe1
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