Erika Figula,Ferenc Margitics,Zsuzsa Pauwlik

The Questionnaire on School Bullying

Our research group established by the Department of Psychology at the College of Nyíregyháza investigates the phenomena of school bullying and harassment. The term ‘school bullying’ covers behaviour where the aggressive act has no obvious cause (non-reactive aggression).

We set as an objective to elaborate a measuring tool that provides assistance for experts in identifying the different types of violent behaviour and conduct patterns in school praxis, as well as in differentiating within these types.

Our research focuses on the question of what kind of background factors might lie behind the aggressive attitude and behaviour patterns of school bullying among upper school primary school students and high school students (bully, victim, bystander, intervener participant and helper participant).

During our research, we charted those background factors which help to understand the process of the development of bully, victim, participant and bystander behaviour patterns, as well as how they allow the development of various options for preserving effective mental health.
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