Marc Stachado

Top 10 Things You Need to Know by Age 30

By all means, the ‘20s’ is the time of glory. You are unstoppable — aiming for the moon and shooting at the stars. You are young, energetic, motivated and enthusiastic enough to conquer the world. The only thing that holds you back is the lack of experience. Though it is really intimidating to try out new stuff, with the 20s being a perfect age for experimentations, it is also essential to make a few wise decisions to better prepare for the upcoming period of practicality i.e., the 30s.

This book is a compilation of top 10 things that you should know by the age of 30. A few tried and tested hacks that will make your life more comfortable in the long run. While you can still make the most of your 20s, it’s always a good idea to plan for the third decade of your life to avoid sleepless nights and better deal with the challenges that are going to hit you sooner than you like. After all, it’s never pleasant to be in a spot where you’d say to yourself, ‘I wish I had known this earlier’.

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