Allie Rogers

Allie Rogers is a British writer, lesbian, and feminist. She authored two novels, Little Gold (2017) and Tale of a Tooth (2018).

Allie Rogers was born and raised in Brighton in a large family with four children. As a child, she survived her parents' divorce. Allie has always loved the opportunity for escape that writing gives. Her school report from the age of eight says, "She writes interesting stories."

Her short fiction has been published in several magazines and anthologies, including Bare Fiction, Queer in Brighton, and The Salt Anthology of New Writing. Rogers has performed at local live literature events. In 2014 she won the Charleston Small Wonder Flash Fiction Slam.

Allie’s first novel, Little Gold, came out in 2017. The story is based on her memories of her childhood in Brighton.

In Little Gold, Allie Rogers tells how the protagonist of twelve years experiences one summer. The author hopes that readers understand that some girls are 'boyish' and remain so throughout childhood, struggle through puberty, and fall in love with other girls.

"There are girls who are ‘boyish’, who remain that way all through childhood, who struggle through puberty and fall in love with other girls. Those girls become women who go on to live their whole lives as the butch women they are. They make rich lives. They are not halfway to something else, they are not ‘women who want to be men’, but simply women on their own terms." Allie Rogers says.

Little Gold received critical praise and was longlisted for the Author’s Club Best First Novel Award in 2018.

Her second novel, Tale of a Tooth, published in April 2018, addresses the issue of domestic abuse in a same-sex relationship.

Allie Rogers currently lives in Brighton.

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