Danielle Paige

Danielle Paige is a bestselling American author of the Dorothy Must Die series, Stealing Snow series, Mera: Tidebreaker, and The Ravens, co-written with Kass Morgan. She also writes for television.

Danielle Paige is originally from Atlanta. She studied at Columbia University, initially aspiring to be a journalist. However, an internship at Guiding Light shifted her career towards television writing. Danielle's work in TV earned her a Writers Guild of America Award and multiple Daytime Emmy nominations. She then transitioned to young adult literature, debuting with Dorothy Must Die in 2014.

Her works include the Stealing Snow series, beginning with the titular novel and its prequels Before the Snow and Queen Rising.

Wish of the Wicked (2023) is a twisty fairy godmother origin story. This novel reimagines fairy tale villains as once benevolent figures, part of a sect facing persecution. The protagonist, Farrow, witnesses her mother's execution for witchcraft. This event propels her into a vengeful journey, intertwining with Cinderella's tale. Paige explores the origins and motivations of the fairy godmother, a figure central to Cinderella's story yet shrouded in mystery.

In Wish of the Wicked, characters like Bari, a stepsister with a sinister power, are examples of her creative depth. Her approach to retellings stems from a desire to reinterpret and personalize classic stories.

Reflecting on nearly a decade in publishing, Paige emphasizes the importance of adaptability and persistence for writers. She encourages aspiring authors to view themselves as more than just their work, focusing on the journey and the joy of writing.

In addition to her literary endeavours, Danielle Paige remains active in television and comics. She contributed to The Spellman Sisters in Sabrina The Teenage Witch Holiday Special for Archie Comics. A collaboration with DC Comics and a project with Bloomsbury are among her upcoming works. Additionally, she's developing an idea related to the Oz universe.

Danielle Paige resides in New York City.

Photo credit: daniellepaigebooks.com


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