Jonathan Reuvid

Jonathan Reuvid has originated and edited a series of similar practical investment guides to the UK, to a number of developing countries all the Central and Eastern European countries that became EU members in May 2004, to Morocco and, since 1994, an acclaimed series of guides to doing business with China. An Oxford MA, he was formerly an economist with the French national oil company, CFP, and later Director of European Operations for a US Fortune 500 manufacturing multinational before embarking on a second career on publishing. He has more than 35 published titles to his name.



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Strategic Goals
Show how you have turned your BHAG into clear, unambiguous statements including a Vision supported by Values, a Mission and strategic and financial goals. Whilst these must be stretching they must also be realistic; having a BHAG gives the business a sense of purpose, something to challenge them and to work towards
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Having created a SWOT, management must decide and articulate whether the subsequently derived goals are realistic or not. Show that decisions are based on reality not wishful thinking; clearly documented risks; explain how the biggest opportunities can be achieved and the biggest weaknesses overcome
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3. Shareholder and Senior Management Goals
All companies have investors and it is important to understand both their motivations and those of the senior management team. Explain what key individuals hope to gain from the business (capital, income, a career, a challenge, peer recognition?) and whether you think the plan provides them with the strategies to achieve these goals.
It is important to ensure that all these interests are aligned when considering dividends, capital growth and remuneration scenarios.
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