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Maria Miloserdovahar citerati fjol
But there’s always that one last piece to shove in place, even if it’s the wrong shape entirely.’
They laughed heavily, a sort of deeply sympathetic agreement that was like a salve on my shredded nerves.
‘It always feels like that in the field, doesn’t it?’ Nell said. ‘Then you get back and it all fits.’
‘Does it?’ I said.
‘If you’ve done the work it will.’
Maria Miloserdovahar citeratför 10 månader sedan
? I didn’t want anything to do with women or anthropology at that point.
Pilar Orellanahar citeratför 2 år sedan
but it hadn’t upset him. He’d walked
Dra och släpp dina filer (upp till fem åt gången)