Rebecca Heath

Rebecca Heath is a South Australian author. Heath first gained recognition under the pseudonym Beck Nicholas. Her young adult science fiction novels captivated Australian and German audiences. Transitioning to adult fiction, she unveiled her real name, Rebecca Heath.

Heath was born and raised in Adelaide. A university science graduate, she ventured into hospitality and teaching. Her scientific background influenced her writing. She views her characters as variables in an experimental setup. Their interactions and development drive her narratives.

Her debut adult novel, The Summer Party, was born from a blend of childhood memories and canceled travel plans. In this psychological thriller, glamor and suspense are woven together in Australia. It echoes the styles of Liane Moriarty, A.R. Torre, and Adele Parks.

In 2024, she followed up with the dark, twisty tale The Dinner Party. The story explores the depths of suburban secrets and family mysteries.

Rebecca Heath lives in Adelaide with her husband, three children and a much-loved border collie.

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