Stephen King

  • Yulia Yurchakhar citerati fjol
    To the champ, everything is serious business. I’m hoping that he’ll live long enough to learn that in this world that is a very dangerous attitude
  • Yulia Yurchakhar citerati fjol
    You know what talent is? The curse of expectation
  • Yulia Yurchakhar citerati fjol
    when the technologies fail, when the conventional religious systems fail, people have got to have something. Even a zombie lurching through the night can seem pretty cheerful compared to the existential comedy/horror of the ozone layer dissolving under the combined assault of a million fluorocarbon spray cans of deodorant
  • b0989816068har citerati fjol
    lived together for fourteen months, all of it fine until the last six weeks or so, when Yvonne got to be kind of a bitch
  • Rita Surguchevahar citerati fjol
    It had seemed slow subjectively, inside his head, but it must have all happened in less than a minute. It only seemed slow the way some dreams seem slow. The bad ones.
  • Rita Surguchevahar citerati fjol
    When you unwittingly stuck your hand into the wasps' nest, you hadn't made a covenant with the devil to give up your civilized self with its trappings of love and respect and honor. It just happened to you. Passively, with no say, you ceased to be a creature of the mind and became a creature of the nerve endings
  • Алёна Белобородоваhar citeratför 2 år sedan
    unsheathing his sword

    Обнажить меч

  • Prince Debahar citeratför 6 månader sedan
    flattery is the stuff that greases the wheels of the world.”
  • b3164815214har citeratför 2 år sedan
    aversion to being stung
  • Диана Шпунтенковаhar citeratför 2 år sedan
    If only it would be today and Jesus coming not with a lamb and a shepherd's crook, but with a boulder in each hand to crush the laughers and the snickerers, to root out the evil and destroy it screaming—a terrible Jesus of blood and righteousness.

    And if only she could be His sword and His arm.
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