Tara West

Tara West writes books about dragons, witches, and handsome heroes while eating chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate. She's willing to share her dragons, witches and heroes. Keep your hands off her chocolate.Tara West's young adult and new adult romances have been Kindle bestsellers. A former high school English teacher, Tara is now a full-time writer and graphic artist. She enjoys spending time with her family, interacting with her fans, and fishing the Texas coast.Hang out with her on her Facebook fan page at: https://www.facebook.com/tarawestauthorKeep up with her latest news at: www.tarawest.comShe loves to hear from her readers at: tara@tarawest.com



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I hated poetry. I loathed poets. It was a book of love poems, graphically describing the man’s proclivities and depravities, which he’d only just discovered now that he’d left his wife of thirty-six years for his new muse. It was a hit with poetry lovers and lovers alike
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