Ian Flitcroft

I’m an eye surgeon at a children’s hospital in Ireland by day and for 15 years I’ve also been writing by night. I’m extensively published in the academic world with more than 30 scientific peer-reviewed papers and contributions to four multi-author books. I have been an intermittent contributor to ‘The Last Word’ column of the New Scientist magazine and included in “Do Polar Bears Get Lonely” (New Scientist and Profile Books publication 2008).I’ve written an award winning popular science blog (www.journeybystarlight.com) which has gathered in excess of 600,000 views over the last few years. This blog has been developed into a cartoon-style science book for young adults. ‘Journey by Starlight – A time traveller’s guide to life, the universe and everything’ has been published in the USA by One Peace Books in March 2013.My first novel, The Reluctant Cannibals, reached the last 5 in the general fiction category of 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. It is now being published by Legend Press on 1st October 2013.I am also working on a revision of my second novel and have a growing collection of growing collection of food related short stories covering a range of topics from a lobster in love with a young girl, an oyster’s perspective on being eaten, to the girl who died because she didn’t eat enough cup-cakes.
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