Jonathan Kemp

Jonathan Kemp is an English writer. His debut, London Triptych (2010), received critical acclaim, winning the Authors' Club Best First Novel Award and getting shortlisted for the Green Carnation Prize.

Jonathan Kemp was born in Manchester in 1967. He spent the first two years of his life in Malaysia but grew up in Cheshire and moved to London in 1989. Kemp holds a BA (Hons) in Communication Studies from Nottingham Trent University and an MA from Birkbeck, University of London.

His first novel, London Triptych, explores the interconnected lives of three men in different eras in London, delving into themes of love, art, and survival. It was later republished in North America, broadening its impact.

Kemp's second book, Twentysix (2011), is a compelling collection of short stories, followed by the novel Ghosting (2015), which further explores complex human relationships and identities.

Among Kemp's non-fiction works are The Penetrated Male (2012 ) and Homotopia? Gay Identity, Sameness and the Politics of Desire (2016), reflecting his deep engagement with and contribution to queer theory.

Additionally, Kemp is an esteemed academic, teaching creative writing, literature, and queer theory at Birkbeck, University of London. Recognized as a Distinguished Sessional Lecturer in 2010, he integrates his passion for the arts into education and cultural activities.

Besides co-founding Planet Martha Theatre Company, he performs with The Dancing Brodericks and DJs for Lower the Tone.

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Mahina Sagheer Mahina Sagheerhar citeratför 5 månader sedan
the death rattle of pleasure, more bestial than human, which pierce the room like a gaggle of bats bursting into the night sky from the dark recess of a cave and filling it with Minerva’s screeches; from your cock is released a flock of snow-white doves
Mahina Sagheer Mahina Sagheerhar citeratför 5 månader sedan
Trained in silence, locked in speechlessness, you are unschooled, untamed, letting go of sounds as you let go of your orgasm, in violent bursts that tear like an incision in flesh. Then you sink back into a big-grinned muteness that says everything there is to say about what we have just shared
Mahina Sagheer Mahina Sagheerhar citeratför 5 månader sedan
We spend the night exchanging handwritten notes, using a pad and pen the barman has supplied, you writing words you have never spoken, will never speak. Your writing is spidery as a child’s first efforts. I wish I’d kept them, those marks on paper which form a loop that binds us and pulls us back to my flat where we undress in silence and haste in my candlelit bedroom
Dra och släpp dina filer (upp till fem åt gången)