Hans Christian Asbosen

Chris Pilbeam aka Hans Christian Asbosen is a London-based writer and journalist who discovered the lost works of author Hans Christian Asbosen. 'I was minding my business, poking through a pile of old rave tapes at a car boot sale, when I found a yellowed old book nestled between Dreamscape 13 and World Dance 23. As I turned the book’s yellowed pages, I found myself in an enchanted and mysterious world: a world where talking cats injured themselves for compensation; where lost children found houses made of fried chicken; where gigantic weed plants towered up from back gardens into giants’ castles in the sky and where a prince climbed up his beloved’s hair extensions to help himself to her jewellery. I had stumbled upon a work long presumed lost: Asbosen's fairy tales. I haggled the seller – a wizened old man with a twinkle in his eye – down to three quid and placed the book in my bag to take home with me. As I left the stall I turned to thank the wizened old man, but he had mysteriously disappeared. His wife claimed that he’d gone to the pub, but I sensed magic at work.'
Dra och släpp dina filer (upp till fem åt gången)