Kevin Dutton

KEVIN DUTTON is a research psychologist at the University of Cambridge. His writing and research have been featured in Scientific American Mind, New Scientist, The Guardian, Psychology Today, USA Today, and more. He lives in Cambridge, England.



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But human beings are pathologically risk averse. A lot of the mechanisms that drive our emotions aren’t really that well adapted to modern life.”
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Sartre, a Parisian who was at the height of his philosophical powers during the mid-twentieth century, is famous for his contention that, when it comes to us humans, ‘Existence precedes essence.’

Or, to put it more simply, we are born without purpose so we are free to become whoever we wish to become.
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Epicurus called this preference for pleasure over pain hedonism (from the Greek word hedonismus, meaning delight) – and even the most masochistic of us are hedonists at heart.
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