Elizabeth Benedict

Elizabeth Benedict is bestselling novelist, journalist, editor, writing coach, and teacher of creative writing. She's the author of five novels and of THE JOY OF WRITING SEX: A GUIDE FOR FICTION WRITERS, and editor of three anthologies: the just published ME, MY HAIR AND I: 27 WOMEN UNTANGLE AN OBSESSION, the NYTIMES bestseller, WHAT MY MOTHER GAVE ME: 31 WOMEN ON THE GIFTS THAT MATTERED MOST and MENTORS, MUSES & MONSTERS: 30 WRITERS ON THE PEOPLE WHO CHANGED THEIR LIVES. She coaches writers on fiction and nonfiction, and helps those applying to college and grad school with their application essays at www.DontSweatTheEssay.com. Open Road Media has just published ebooks of her first two novels, SLOW DANCING, shortlisted for the National Book Award, and THE BEGINNER'S BOOK OF DREAMS, about which Anne Tyler said, "The marvel is that such a sad book could be such a joy to read."



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we took turns ironing each other’s tresses to suppress any bourgeois pro-­war tendencies toward curling
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My hair and I have grown into ourselves and know what we’re about.
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It’s an early life lesson in basic grooming, a public window into the private household. In social science terms, hair is a signifier.
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