Armani Murphy

Day Trading: How to Day Trade for a Living & Become An Expert Day Trader With Proper Money Management, Discipline and Trading Psychology

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Have you ever been curious about the financial markets? Do the terms derivative, price, and volatility peak your interest? This guide will show you, step-by-step, how to take advantage of your interest and make money as a day trader.
This book contains a comprehensive approach on how to get started as a day trader. We will cover important concepts such as:
The difference between price and quantity
How to capitalize on arbitrage opportunities
Capital reserve and how to optimize buying and selling opportunities
What exactly are derivatives and how can we make money off them?
What trading software to use to best utilize trading aptitude
How much money can you expect to earn given your capital investment
And most importantly, how to have fun while trading!
Many traders are intimidated while starting off, but through diligence, preparation, and practice this book will show you that your fear is unfounded! You too can be one of the thousands of successful traders who make a good and complete living from trading on the financial markets.
This guide will also cover the importance of knowing what markets suit what trading strategies. You will discover the right approach for you, and will be able to leverage this approach to start making money!
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