Freedom From the Known

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Freedom From the Known is a thought-provoking audiobook by J. Krishnamurti that challenges listeners to question their beliefs and perceptions about themselves and the world around them. In this audiobook, Krishnamurti explores the concept of freedom and how it can be achieved by breaking free from the limitations of the mind and the conditioning of society. He encourages listeners to examine their own thoughts and emotions, and to let go of the past in order to live in the present moment.

Krishnamurti's teachings are both profound and practical, and his insights into the human condition are as relevant today as they were when he first delivered them. His message is one of self-discovery and self-awareness, and he offers a path to true freedom that is accessible to anyone who is willing to listen and learn.

Narrated by the talented actor and voice artist, Michael Toms, this audiobook is a must-listen for anyone who is seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. With its clear and concise language, Freedom From the Known is a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation, and it is sure to inspire listeners to live their lives with greater clarity, purpose, and freedom.
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