This podcast is about the digital world and the people who work there. This is a must for everyone interested in following the latest developments in technology. Difficult subjects are made easy and entertaining.

We discuss the new European privacy regulation - General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. Learn about what this new data protection regulation means, your rights in GDPR and how it will affect businesses and the industry.

Our guest is David Frydlinger, a senior partner at Lindahl Law Firm. David has comprehensive experience in IT-related legal issues.

Host: Daniel Månsson

Co-Host: Tobin Sydneysmith

We are five Digital Data Strategy students from Hyper Island in Stockholm. Every month we will publish a new episode where we talk about breathtaking subjects with interesting guests.



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Hypertalks S3 E2, Daniel Månsson, Debora Zanette, Ebba Zimmerman, Jonathan Kevin, Tobin Sydneysmith
Hypertalks S3 E2
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