James Russell

The Dragon Defenders

The Pitbull is furious. His evil plans to capture the dragons on Flynn and Paddy's paradise island have come to nothing. And now his niece, Briar, has joined forces with the brothers.
As he musters his men and machines for a final attempt, a devastating natural disaster strikes which completely changes the game - perhaps forever...

“Fabulous! The action just ramps up and up. It’s even better than the first three, and they were fantastic.”
Adele Broadbent, author of Between and Too Many Secrets

“The plot is thrilling, the setting at once idyllic and dangerous. Readers will be inspired to leave their devices and see what they can see from the top of a tree, to go outside, look for dragons, and have adventures as breathtaking as Paddy, Flynn and Briar.” 
Louise Ward, Wardini Books and RNZ critic

“An earth-shattering adventure of seismic proportions. You might need to feign sickness so you can finish it in one sitting.”
Tom E. Moffatt, award-winning author of Barking Mad and Mind-Swapping Madness“Amazing, and so intense! They just keep getting better!”
Harrison Jones, age 11

“Excitement, suspense and adventure! If you like those things in a book, you’re going to love this one.”
Zoe Light, age 9

“SO thrilling to read! Exciting and scary all at the same time. I didn't want it to end!”
Maia Doran, age 8

“OMG... What an amazing book! I don’t have to imagine I’m there, I am there.”
Aoda Graham, age 12

“The best book in the series so far. You never know what will happen next.” 
Silas Roberts, age 7
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