Linnéa Engström

Climate feminism

The climate issue is an all-encompassing global injustice for present and future generations. The climate challenge is one of the biggest challenges from a human rights perspective, as it is linked to so many aspects of our economic and social life and our ability to live at all.

Powerful forces want to turn the climate issue into something that can be solved by technical means, by companies. Companies have an important part to play in the transition to a green economy: of that there is no doubt. But, if we are not committed to reallocating the wealth and to equalizing inequality, we are not going to deliver on achieving the transition to a green economy. In fact, all kinds of power perspectives and demands for rights, threaten status quo and "business as usual" - the familiar race to the bottom.

The book "Climate feminism" unites the struggle against climate change with the struggle for a more just world and is Linnea Engström‘s debut as a writer. The book also gathers portraits of some of the most influential forerunners of climate justice.
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