James Russell

The Dragon Defenders - Book Five

It’s all over – The Pitbull has won! He’s captured every last dragon from The Island, and brought them to the mainland. The stage is now set for the grand opening of Dragon World.
Meanwhile Flynn, Paddy, and Briar are stuck in their new school, powerless to do anything about it. That is, until they make a new friend…

“A fast-paced action adventure that will have readers hanging on until the last page.”
Eileen Merriman, award-winning author of A Trio of Sophies and Pieces of You

“Told at a rip-roaring pace with feats of incredible daring, masterful guile, and heart-stopping action. This is the book the fans have been waiting for!”
Charlotte McKay, judge, NZ Book Awards for Children and Young Adults

“A fitting finale, one for the fans and those new to The Dragon Brothers. Read ’em all!”
Justin Brown, author of Shot, Boom, Score!

“So good you’ll feel empty when you finish it.” 
Odette Ala’alatoa-Dale, age 8

“So gripping we couldn’t put it down! You never knew what was going to happen next!
Liam and Harry Rippingale, age 12 and 9

“Definitely the best in the series. I never wanted it to end!”
Sadie Atkins, age 8

“The best one yet!”
Brennan Hosking, age 11

“…took me into the deepest despair, then showed me what happens when you don’t give up!”
Jaeda Ala’alatoa-Dale, age 11

“Action-packed from the moment you open the cover!”
Madison Phillips, age 11
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