Lester Wells

Before Their Time

"Before Their Time: 200 Inventions That Were Too Early" transports readers to an alternate Renaissance era, where Da Vinci's robots, pre-Wright brothers flight, and early electricity-powered cities shaped a world ahead of its time. This captivating book delves into visionary inventors and their audacious creations that, if successful, could have reshaped history. From advanced telecommunications to medical breakthroughs, each chapter explores the untold stories of inventions that outpaced their epochs. Through the tales of "Prophets of the Practical" and "Visionaries of Velocity," discover the exhilarating rush of ideas that could have propelled us into a different modern age. With a storyteller's touch, the narrative poses intriguing "what if" scenarios, inviting readers to imagine a world where these inventions thrived. "Before Their Time" is not just a historical account but a journey through an alternate reality of technological advancement—a call to today's curious minds to boldly leap towards the future. Uncover the past, rewrite the present, and envision where we could go next.
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