Gardening Basics for Dummies

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Gardening Basics for Dummies: The Ultimate Guide to Organic Gardening For Beginners, Discover All the Important Information and Useful Tips You Need Before Starting Your Own Organic Garden

Many people get into gardening for different reasons. Some are just gardening as a hobby while some consider it their life's passion. Some choose to do garden because they want to make sure they have control of the type of food they are feeding their families. Some of the products you buy in the market today are often commercially grown and cultivated in greenhouses with the use of different chemicals and pesticides.

When you discover the harmful effects of these chemicals not just to the environment but on our health, it would be enough to make you consider growing your own organic garden. This audiobook will teach you all of the advantages of organic gardening. You will discover ideas and tips on how to start your own garden and tend to it. It will give you some ideas on all-natural pest controls that you can use for your garden.

In this audiobook, you will discover the following:

- Why Garden Organically?

- The Risk of Chemicals

- What is Organic Gardening

- Planning Your Garden

- Planting Your Garden

- Starting Seeds Indoors

- Controlling Those Weeds

- Controlling Pests

- Making Your Own COmpost

- Wintering Your Garden

- Recipes For Your Organic Garden

There are many benefits to going organic on your lawn and garden. Plus you will be helping the environment and minimizing the risk of accelerated disease in your family. Going organic can really provide mental and physical benefits as well as saving you money in the long run.

If you are interested in starting your own organic garden, this is the perfect comprehensive guide for you. Scroll up and click "add to cart" to get started on your organic garden today!
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