Larry Jackson

A Conversation with God

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In A Conversation with God - Book 2, The Journey continues..., the scripture and how it aids our everyday living is addressed in detail. This book is a true source of encouragement in a time when our faith is constantly being tested. It continues where it left off in Book 1, and takes the reader on an even higher spiritual journey. It shows how the issue of the rebirth in Christ is not fully addressed in the church as the body of Christ, and illustrates how much more powerful we are when we realize that the God who created this world and the Universe lives within us as believers. This book will give new and fresh insight into God's holy word the bible as the author continues this intimate reflection and conversation with God. It will encourage the believers, and give hope to those who might be discouraged. A Conversation with God: The Journey Continues is a welcomed, fresh breeze in these troubled times. We must be bold as we witness for Jesus Christ knowing that the enemy, Satan, is roaming like a lion seeking whom he may devour.
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