Connor Whiteley


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Do you want to learn why groups behaviour like they do?
Do you want to learn how our groups influence us?Do you want to learn how our culture impacts our behaviour?If the answer to any of these questions and more is yes, then this is the book for you!In this book, you’ll learn about social and cultural psychology and how this affects our behaviour.
By the end of this book, you’ll learn:
·        What is social psychology?·        How our culture impacts our behaviour?·        Why groups behave as they do?·        How persuasion works and why it can fail?·        The psychology of aggression·        And more.If you like this book, then you will like my Psychology of Human Relationship 2nd Edition as well.
Sociocultural Psychology 2nd Edition Content:
Chapter 1: History of Social Psychology
Chapter 2: How do you do Social Psychology?
Chapter 3: The Self
Chapter 4: Attitudes and Social Cognition
Chapter 5: Social Identity Theory
Chapter 6: Social Cognitive Theory
Chapter 7: Stereotypes
Chapter 8: The Social Group
Chapter 9: Intergroup Relationships
Chapter 10: Persuasion
Chapter 11: Aggression
Chapter 12: Cultural Dimensions
Chapter 13: Enculturation and Acculturation
Chapter14: Globalisation
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