James Russell

The Dragon Defenders - Book Three

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The Pitbull’s plans to capture the dragons from Flynn and Paddy’s paradise island have been spoiled twice already, so he’s hell-bent on revenge. But first he must find a way to lure the brothers to the city.
Meanwhile, to punish his niece Briar for her betrayal, The Pitbull locks her in a prison cell, high in his tower.
Surely escape is impossible this time?
“Like the first two books, this absolutely captures the imagination. Simply magical!”
Kathryn Stewart, Category Manager – Fiction and Children's Books, Whitcoulls
“I had so much fun reading this. It’s a rollicking adventure with a loveable cast of brave heroes.”
Jenna Todd, Time Out bookstore
“I was so disappointed when I realised I had reached the last page.”
Mary Callister, librarian, Karori Normal School
"I would have kept reading it all night if I was allowed."
Zach Norwood, age 9
"Best book I've ever read."
Alison Lee-Joe, age 10
"So daring and adventurous. Briar is so sneaky and courageous!"
Charlotte Pervan, age 9
"It formed a movie in my mind."
George Smith, age 10
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