Larry Jackson

A Conversation with God - An Intimate reflection for 40 days - Book 1 Day1-13

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This book takes you on a Spiritual journey for 40 days, sharing thoughts, conversations, and actions taken during this time. Inspirational to some, informative to others, all will certainly benefit from this personal reflection on God and works among mankind. It will help and encourage you as you face the trial and challenges of life. It shows how that God continues to be with us, even though sometime it does not seem like it.

During the entire experience, my relationship with God was strengthened, and my doubts and fears became less important, as I focus on building my personal relationship with my savior. No matter what might be your area of trouble, A Conversation with God will assist you to refocus your energies on your Heavenly Father who loves you more than words can tell.

You will be amaze how despite the seeming confusion and chaos around us that God is still very much in control of this world.
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