Brides of the West, Janet Dean, Victoria Bylin, Pamela Nissen
Janet Dean,Victoria Bylin,Pamela Nissen

Brides of the West

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{"strong"=>["Josie’s Wedding Dress “], “em”=>["by Victoria Bylin”]}
Desperate for someone to help her save her ranch, Josie Bright makes a deal with Ty Donner—the man who’d left her waiting at the altar…and is making her hope for things she had long stopped wishing for.
{"strong"=>["Last Minute Bride"], “em”=>["by Janet Dean”]}
Elise Langley was stung to the quick when her would-be suitor suddenly left town. But when David Wellman returns and they are thrown together organizing their friends’ wedding, can she open her heart again?
{"strong"=>["Her Ideal Husband “], “em”=>["by Pamela Nissen”]}
As a girl, Lydia Townsend hoped to marry Jebediah Gentry—until his rejection spoiled her dreams. When family duty brings her home, it’s Jeb’s chance to show Lydia that now is the time for her wedding dreams to come true.
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