Shalom for the Heart, Shauna Niequist, Rabbi Evan Moffic
Shauna Niequist,Rabbi Evan Moffic

Shalom for the Heart

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Jewish dedication and commitment to studying Scripture is nothing short of inspiring. Jews have long been known as careful examiners of the Bible, dedicated to understanding and growing from God’s word. In traditional synagogues, the Torah is read three times per week, and each week, one of the Torah portions is examined. These encounters not only allow Jews to study God’s instruction for faith but also provide valuable inspiration for living that faith in the everyday.
In Shalom for the Heart, popular author and speaker Rabbi Evan Moffic reveals the wisdom of the Torah for today’s Christians. Beautifully written weekly Torah-inspired devotions are offered to encourage readers throughout the year. Through his readings, Moffic invites Christians to engage in a study pattern of the Jewish founders of the faith, to grow deeper in relationship with Jesus, and find meaning, comfort, and direction for our lives.


“Most Christians—myself certainly included—have so much to learn from the Jewish tradition and the study of the Torah, and from Judaism’s respect for the law and value on ritual and connection
within their community. … This book is a gift for every Christian,
anchoring us to a beautiful shared history that can deepen and enrich
our understanding and our faith.” ~ Shauna Niequist, best-selling author
and speaker

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