Mark Smith


A darkly funny satire of corporate greed, sexual desire, and crime from “the slightly more well-adjusted offspring of Hunter S. Thompson and James Ellroy” (Los Angeles Times).

The boy genius of the foreign exchange desk, Bryan LeBlanc is surrounded by acolytes of the free market, the true believers, the U.S. Marines of capitalism—“the few, the proud, the completely full of themselves.” He soon realizes that being honest at a dishonest job is not the path to success. Deciding to give Wall Street a taste of its own medicine, Bryan hatches an intricate plan to disappear permanently with just enough misappropriated money—and sailing classes—to spend his golden years cruising the Caribbean.
Bryan quickly learns that being a criminal, even a really smart one, is more complicated than he thought. He finds himself on the run in the Cayman Islands, wanted for murder. On his trail is an irresponsible team of investigators sent by his Wall Street firm, hellbent on reclaiming the millions before their clients notice it’s missing. Their efforts are complicated by an Australian sailor begrudgingly circumnavigating the globe to fundraise for breast cancer awareness.
In Blown, “Smith works out the mechanics of his heist beautifully . . . [It’s a] madcap crime caper, one with a little temper and a dirty mind” (Kirkus Reviews).
Blown is his best yet: funny and frisky, with unforgettable characters and a surprising, twisty plot that will keep you up way past your bedtime.”—Edan Lepucki, New York Times-bestselling author of Woman No. 17
“A gripping, hilarious, wild ride of a book. I loved it.”—Lisa Lutz, New York Times-bestselling author of The Swallows
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