Charles Spencer

Blenheim: Battle for Europe

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{"strong"=>["In the summer of 1704, French conquest seemed inevitable. In this bestselling history, Charles Spencer traces the story of how it was prevented."]}
This is an epic history of how, as Louis the Great’s armies threatened total domination of Europe, poised to extend their frontier and install a French prince on the throne of Spain, two men came together with a daring plan to shut him down.
John Churchill, Duke of Malborough masterminded the campaign, while Prince Eugène of Savoy engineered a way to surprise the French invaders inside Germany. Their work heralded a terrific clash, the Battle of Blenheim, where the hitherto unbeaten French were met with more than they bargained for, and Europe’s fate hung in the balance.
In compelling, page-turning history, Charles Spencer unfolds the drama from the frontlines with the soldiers to the deliberations of kings and princes whose nations were in peril.
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