Now Cow Helps Bad Habit Rabbit, Kelly Caleb
Kelly Caleb

Now Cow Helps Bad Habit Rabbit

Bad Habit Rabbit won't get out of bed on time, doesn't pack his lunch, and makes choices that hurt those around him. He even resorts to stealing Now Cow's lunch! Read on as Now Cow guides and redirects Bad Habit Rabbit to make better choices and find a positive future.

Families, educators, and therapists want inspiring and creative stories to read with children. Now Cow inspires, motivates, and entertains while helping with moral decisions and emotional self-control. For children ages 6 to 12 and for the inner child in all of us.

Kelly Caleb, LCSW, MCAP, is a licensed therapist with experience working with all age groups. As a mother, she values reading and instilled a love of reading in her own two children. As a licensed therapist working with clients battling mental health and substance use issues, she utilizes mindfulness to promote a positive future by changing habits that negatively impact our daily lives.

Illustrator John VanHout III is an amazing artist from Tampa, FL. The Now Cow Book series is his first published art, but he has been delighting friends, family, and local customers since age 5, when he picked up his first pencil and sketch pad. Follow him on Instagram #diregrizzly999.

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John VanHout III


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