Denis Robert

Denis Robert (born 9 May 1958, Moyeuvre-Grande, Thionville-Ouest) is a French freelance journalist and a writer. Robert formerly worked for Libération newspaper for 12 years.Denis Robert is best known as co-author of "Revelation{{ RENDERED_APP }}quot;, a book published by Les Arènes on 1 March 2001, which accused Cedel, later Clearstream, of a number of illegal financial activities, such as aiding and abetting money laundering, tax evasion et cetera. Clearstream then sued Denis Robert for libel and various other counts on multiple occasions. On 29 March 2004, the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris (High Court) judged Robert, his publisher Les Arènes and the French TV company Canal+ France, which had repeated the allegations raised in Revelation$, to have failed in their attempts to prove any and all allegations; furthermore the court ordered damages to be paid to Clearstream and that the judgment be printed in two French newspapers explaining the defamatory nature of the material. Regarding the same allegations, on 16 October 2008, the Paris Court of Appeal confirmed Robert's sentence for defamation on eight counts. In February 2011, in a final judgment, the Court of Cassation overturned all convictions, ruling that his work was protected by freedom of speech and of the press.
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