Gaute Heivoll

Gaute Heivoll studied creative writing at Boe from 2001-2, and has studied law at the University of Oslo and psychology at the University of Bergen. He has also worked as a teacher. Heivoll has written poems, short stories and essays for newspapers and literary magazines and has been included in many anthologies. He has also conducted courses in creative writing in Norway and France and has worked as a literary critic in Norwegian newspapers. He made his literary debut in 2002 with the poetry collection Liten dansende gutt. His novels include Omars siste dager [Omar's Last Days] (2003) and Ungdomssangen [Song of Youth] (2005). His most recent book is the short-story collection Doktor Gordeau. Heivoll was the recipient of the 2003 Tiden-prisen Prize. In 2006 he was the Norwegian representative to the Literary Festival Project Scritture Giovanni and his short story "Dr. Gordeau" was translated into English, German and italian.
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