The Lotterys More or Less, Emma Donoghue
Emma Donoghue

The Lotterys More or Less

The eagerly awaited sequel to The Lotterys Plus One!

Sumac Lottery is the keeper of her family's traditions -- from Pow Wow to Holi, Carnival to Hogmanay, Sumac's on guard to make sure that no Lottery celebration gets forgotten. But this winter all Sumac's seasonal plans go awry when a Brazilian visitor overstays his welcome. A terrible ice storm grounds all flights, so one of her dads and her favorite brother can't make it home from India. And then the power starts going out across the city... Can Sumac hang on to the spirit of the season, even if nothing is going like a Lottery holiday should?
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The Lotterys More or Less, Emma Donoghue
The Lotterys More or Less
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